Ghost Face Killah and Sick Jacken at The Yost


Sunday October 27, 2013. The Yost theatre in Downtown Santa Ana played host to “Night of the Living Dead” featuring Ghost Face Killah and Sick Jacken. The event that brought together two heavy hitters from The Wu Tang Clan and Psycho Realm came together was the work of Out Da House and Ad Hoc production companies. This sure was an event to remember. Lets hope Wu Tang x Psycho Realm happens again real soon.

Ghost Face Killah…wutang_theyost_oc_dtsa_gcssantaana_theglobeclothingstore_ocgcs_ochiphop_gcshiphop_wutangclan_wutanginoc_wutanginsantaana_ghostfaceinoc_ghostfaceinsantaana_wutangpsychorealm


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The Common Grounds comes to GCS Santa Ana… DEC 13th… in store!

For those of you that are familiar with Noa James, Curtis King, Stevie Crooks and the rest of the gang, you know that they usually tear stuff up in Pomona and the surrounding areas. Now we have worked it out to bring them to our OC location… I hope this provides them with a new fan base. I’m sure they’ll win some hearts and minds that night.. as always, free and all ages… DEC 13th, 2013.. 7pm…



presented by Brick to Ya Face and Noa James….

GZA at The Observatory, Santa Ana…

gcs_GZA_wutang_sa_gcssantaana_hiphop_gcshiphop_wu_legend_giants_casting_shadows_theglobe_gcsclothing_hectorruiz_photosbyhectorruiz_photosbygcs_thewutangclanGZA blessed the stage at The Observatory Santa Ana on Monday, Nov 4th, 2013 for a rare OC appearance. Slated as a fan appreciation show, the tickets to this joint were only $5, an incredible steal for a show of this callibur. And dispite the inexpensive entrance, GZA still rocked the crowd with all the great music that makes Wu Tang fans as die hard as they come.

Big thanks to Droops from Out Da House Productions for promoting another great show. Thanks to The Observatory staff for letting GCS roll through with our camera to document the great show.      Enjoy!gza_wutang_sa_gcssantaana_hiphop_gcshiphop_wu_legend_giants_casting_shadows_theglobe_gcsclothing_theobservatory_ochiphop_outdahouse_dj_fans_handsup

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a quick glimpse at the shop…

In addition to our ever changing art gallery, our sales floor never looks the same for too long. New items come in, previous items get sold out, and GCS continues to find the quality goods to serve you folks. So all you internet customers, this is where our items come from. We don’t have a wherehouse tucked away somewhere, we’re here with our doors open everyday for you- so come in and say hello!






“Mary and The Venus Pixies” art show SEPT 21, 2013

mvp_gcs_dtsa_steevcreeper_artshow_gcsartshow_We always say that our gallery space, as nice as it is, is nothing without the great artists and art to fill it. Boy did Mary & The Venus Pixies fill the space. Art Guevara, Jack Martinez, and Steev Moreno make up the art group MVP. They took over our gallery space in september. Glad to have them over. The band El Robo entertained the crowd for a good minute. Black Flys crew was out in full force that night as well.mvp_gcs_steevcreeper_dtsa_santaana_santaanaarts_dtsagcs


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“Bringing Out The Dead II” art show NOV ’13

In celebration of the November Art Walk and Day of the Dead, GCS presented “Bringing Out The Dead II”. An art show that brought out different aspects of life and death and the beauty that comes from both. This was the second year that this theme was explored and it was just as impactful as the previous show. The roster included some artists that are familiar to the GCS audience as well as a few new names. It was non-stop crowds all evening long as the night coincided with the “Noche De Altares” street festival two blocks over.gcs_flyer-01



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artist signing with BUA at GCS Clothing Store Pomona

NOV 9th, 2013 – Pomona, CA

The legendary visual artist Justin Bua, a.k.a. BUA paid the GCS Clothing Store a visit for a signing to coincide with the release of his new painting “The Boom Box”. A true amercian artist, Justin Bua has become one of the most recognizable artist in the world. He has been a part of countless artistic, academic and commercial endevours touching nearly every facet of the hip hop, music and art world. As described on his wiki page:

                his work “is also heavily influenced by Ernie Barnes, the… creator of the “Sugar Shack” painting featured in the opening credits of the television sitcom Good Times (1974–1979) and Marvin Gaye’s album I Want You (1976). The style is recognized for elongated limbs that represent rhythmic movement.”  It continues to describe BUA as “Currently, he teaches figure drawing at the University of Southern California, while continuing to be a leading innovator in both the fine and commercial art worlds. Bua’s energetic and vocal worldwide fan base ranges from former presidents, actors, musicians, professional athletes, and dancers, to street kids and art connoisseurs”.

Coming fully loaded with Prints, Reproductions and Posters of his work, this event was a great chance for some of his most hard core fans to purchase directly from the artist these charished items. Fans, art lovers, musicians, fellow artists and performers alike were on hand for the special appreance. They came in snatching up BUA pieces and snapping pictures as momentos of the night and in appreciation to what Bua’s art means to them.

We look forward to working again with BUA on future events and projects… look out for BUA to come to a GCS near you.


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“Bringing Out The Dead II” Art Show

NOV 2nd, 2013 brought to GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery the second installment of “Bringing Out The Dead” art show. Our version of the celebration of life and what comes at the end of it. Not your typical day of the dead art show, our hand selected artists put thier own unique twist on the themes and emotions involved with this time of the season.
The roster of artists that contributed work goes as follows: EGADS, Tyoni Aragon, Jonathan Martinez, Mike Giant, Aseph, 3rdi, Steve Tipton, Dino Bowen, Kasey Mahoney, Ducky, Ana Gonzalez, Germizm, BENONE, Alicia Rojas, Alisa King, Charley Reynoso, Bigboy, Heidi Hernandez, Kenos One, Edward Velasquez, FRED ONE, KRAY, DAMET, VGML, Jess Johnson, Nick Macaulay, Trixie’s Pinatas, and Ed Gutter…
The show opened to huge crowds being that the November Art Walk coincided with the Noche de Altares street festival taking place a few blocks away. Judging by the reactions of the crowd, “Bringing Out The Dead” art show accomplished what it set out to do, to be a memoriable part of the day’s experience. Be on the lookout for next year’s art show – we hope it’ll keep growing in impact.

art show
“Bringing Out The Dead II” art show. NOV 2nd, 2013

Jacob Romeo Lecuyer’s “Heads Up” Art Show

Art_show_flyer_dtsantaanaMarch’s featured art show brought out Jacob Romeo’s “Heads Up” art show. Inspired by video game and movie characters, this show was Jabob’s MFA thesis art show. Tons of people came out that night to support and purchase these easy to love renditions of beloved characters. Closing reception will be held on March 29th where the artist boasts “Everything Must Go”. Let’s hope all these great pieces find a nice home.

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Prismatic Nov. 17th 2012

The “Prismatic” art show was put together to celebrate the launch of the new fashion blog GOLD REICH, created by the very talented Teresa Del Val. The mission was to put together a very impactful all female line up of visual as well as musical artists.

The night opened to a strong crowd that came out to see and hear all new works. Our eyes were treated by the works of Irene Garcia, Des Boobs, Aurora Lady and Teresa Del Val. And the ears were blessed with the tunes of DJ Lala, Germ Free, Gavlin and Topdime (Black Roses) and Ill Camile.

We hope to have the return of PRISMATIC sometime in 2014… stay tuned…

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