Psycho Realm Meet and Greet May 2, 2014

Sick_jacken_psycho_realm_gcs_meet_and_greet_7Take a look at the last time that GCS hosted Sick Jacken, Cynic and DJ FM, collectively known as The Psycho Realm, for a meet and greet in our art gallery. This time they were joined by 2Mex. As you can see, there was a good amount of fans that came out to see these artists. The event was scheduled to push the Psycho de Mayo concert at The Yost. GCS is always honored and appreciative to be able to host the type of events that bring artists closer to the people that support them.Sick_jacken_psycho_realm_gcs_meet_and_greet






Sick_jacken_psycho_realm_gcs_meet_and_greet_1 Sick_jacken_psycho_realm_gcs_meet_and_greet_10


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