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Burning Season 4 Art Show

burningseason4Get ready for the heat, “Burning Season” 4 art show is coming to GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery for the August Art Walk. Presented by MZK, DAMET and DSTRTD TRUTH. This show is bringing out a stellar line up that touches every element of hip hop. Graff heads, DJ’s, B-Boys and Mc’s converge at GCS August 6th, 2016 from 6 pm until 11pm. As always, our gallery is free and open to all ages of the public. Bring everyone and enjoy an evening in DTSA. Stay tuned for more information.



“Bringing Out The Dead” art show 2015

kimGCS would like to thank every single soul that blessed us with their presence this art walk. Your spirit is what keeps us going. Here are some of the sights from the gallery. Enjoy.egads



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Bringing Out The Dead III NOV 7th, 2015

botdGCS would like to see you at “Bringing Out The Dead III” art show on NOV 7th, 2015. This marks the 3rd time we curated this day of the dead inspired art show. Not only is it 1st saturday art walk, but the Blading Cup, Beat Swap Meet and Block Party hits the streets of DTSA. So come early, because you know parking is going to be crazy.bringban_gcs

MADE RINDU solo show update OCT 24th, 2015

maderindubanHere is a up-dated version of the flyer for the OCT 24th solo art show with the amazing MADE RINDU . The opening goes from 6 pm to 10pm and of course its free and all ages. Bring the whole family, music, refreshments and live painting going down here in the gallery. Tons of new pieces for sale at the show. We’ll see you then.madeig

Tyoni Aragon x Srpnt Wolf X Pavel Acevedo art show GCS

joelbeers_1This doesn’t happen very often, but from time to time we find photos for art shows that we have hosted and we cannot remember the date of the show. Granted, this was in the early days of the gallery, as you can tell from the quality of the photos. We know this was a three person art show that featured Tyoni Aragon, Joel Beers a.k.a. SRPNT WOLF and Pavel Acevedo. We’ll update this info once its validated, until then enjoy these images from the night.tyoniaragon_gcs_artwalk

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flashback to Burning Season AUG 27, 2011 at GCS

burningSeason_gcs_santaanaAugust 27, 2011- GCS has been very fortunate to host an array of unbelievably talented artists  though out the years. This show was curated by Eric Medina a.k.a. EZO-1 and featured many artists from the OC area and beyond. The roster included BAIR, DAMET, DUROK, EARN, JAH SUN, SKEW, TEWSR, DCYPHER. CRE8, FEARO, BLEP, KOPYESON, THISER, MOEZART, STIGMA, PUTOS, BASHER, NATOE, SCUD, DEFER, Mr. NIGHTOWL, NERV, BLOCH, ESPY, EVL, FUEGO, KASL, SNAPR, and SOLVE. And the night would not be complete without the mix masters keeping the pace, DJ AB and DJ Havik. Enjoy the photos. burningseason_gcs_1


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