The Late X-Mas Show photo re-cap

latexmas_3DEC 26th, 2015- It was the day after Christmas and all through the hood… not a creature or crackhead was stirring… well, it was something like the well known poem about Christmas and enjoying the night. GCS was happy to host an in store performance curated by our good friend Mark ‘Funky’ Garcia. “The Late X-MAs Show” brought out the likes of Theearthlings, Hannah, Can Gnarly, Jayellz, KIT, Konami Homi, M16 and Jmeeks. DJ’s for the night were Corn Breeze, DJ SOULONE and DJ DFNT DOPE. Here’s a little photo re-cap of the night, enjoy!Thelatexmasshow_hiphop_gcs_2




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