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AUG Art WALK close up shots

raskEvery art show that we have the honor of hosting provides enough material for several posts. From the announcement of the show, to the set up and night of the show, and lastly, the detailed shots of these works of art. Enjoy.alien



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artshow_gcs_aug_2015Aug 1st, 2015- No frills, no gimmicks. Just a good ol’ art show for the first of the month. We would like to thank RASK, XPLODE, Ed Gutter, DARCS, GERMIZM, Susie Cue, Tyoni Aragon, Tanya Rose, VGML, Pablo Damas, Jonathan Martinez, Mary Rose and Brittney Camille Gonzalez for bringing in art and participating in this month’s art walk.

A huge shout out to AWOL ONE and XPLODE for painting live during the event. Thank you to Shadow, DJ Real and a very heart felt thank you from all of us at GCS to DJ AB, for this was his last art walk with us before his move to the state of Washington. God speed, sir.artsh


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Ink Bombers June ’12 art walk

Ink_bombers_art_show_gcs_11June 2nd, 2012. This was the first time that we hosted the Ink Bombers for an art show in our gallery. These guys are great but you know that by now. These guys are very prolific and they’re always producing work. Stay tuned for more from these cats.Ink_bombers_art_show_gcs_13


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“Bringing Out The Dead” Art Show Nov ’12

Bringing_out_the_dead_art_show_gcs_dtsa_16Nov 3rd, 2012. The November art walk was always one of the biggest art walks of the year. Coinciding with the “Noche De Altares” event on 4th st., it was a perfect choice to launch our day of the dead themed art show. GCS always enjoyed the challenge of curating a themed group art show. And this one was one of our favorites. We took a break from the theme this last november but look out for “Bringing Out The Dead” art show to return in ’15.Bringing_out_the_dead_art_show_gcs_dtsa


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Ink Bombers present Comic Cons Art Show Feb ’13

art_show_flyerToday we look back at the second time the Ink Bombers curated an art show in our Broadway gallery. Entitled “Comic Cons”, the art show focused on the darker side of the characters that we all grew up with. Great art show, great line up of talent. The Ink Bombers always go hard. Ink_bombers_gcs_dtsa_1 Gcs_art_walk_dtsa_dtsantaana_ink_bombers_1

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August 3, 2013 Art Walk @ GCS Santa Ana

Aug_art_walk_gcs_dtsa_santa_ana_downtown_artist_village_1Aug. 3rd, 2013. Today we look back at the art show we had the pleasure of hosting back in August of 2013. Affectionately called “Summer Slam”, this show featured the work of Dino Perez, Deity, Kasey Mahoney, Joe Ded, RASK, AR and Hannah Webb. Aug_art_walk_gcs_dtsa_santa_ana_downtown_artist_village_23



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“All Our Love 2” art show for Feb ’15 art walk


Love is in the air as GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery gets ready for the second installment of “All Our Love” art show. And with a roster of artists like this, whats not to love. We hope that you and your loved ones can join us for ART WALK DTSA feb 7th, 2015. As always, the art show is free and all ages. Music, refreshments and artists will be on hand for the nights festivities. Event starts at 7pm and goes until  11pm. For those that cannot make it out that night, the art will hang for the rest of the month.


Sorry we missed you…


Hello GCS friends,

Times have been hectic. Things change. But one thing remains the same… GCS is still here for you. HA! OK, lets not get to deep and emotional. We fell off a bit on keeping up our blog posts, but here we are. So we’ll be pulling double duty, posting current and up coming events as well as returning to the previous year that was unfortunately neglected. So bear with us until we get caught up. As always, you can keep in contact with our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages. Thanks for taking the time to read this and let us know how we are doing…

Ink Bombers Art Show – June 2012

The Ink Bombers crew came out and set up their art show here for June’s art walk. Using a variety of styles and mediums including airbrush, acrylic and spray paint, the Ink Bombers made a very deep impression on the Downtown Santa Ana crowd. FUZE drinks was also on hand to give out a bunch of treats and their refreshing beverages to the crowd.

Thanks again to AR, Charlie, RASK, Izzy and the rest of the guys at Ink Bombers that made the show great. This was thier first time here but undoubtedly, this will not be thier last.

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