J-Live In Store Apr 19, 2015

J_live_in_store_gcs_21April 19th, 2015. Thanks to the guys at Undergroundhiphopblog.com for setting up a great in store performance that featured J-Live while on the road with “His Own Self” tour. It was such a nice day that we decided to have to performance right outside our front doors. Others on the bill for the night were Gotta Be Karim, The Villain$, International Maverick, Clockwize, Born Allah, Daejo x Karim and backing up all these MC’s all show long was DJ Lala. GCS extends a huge thank you to everyone that came out to see the show. And of course, a lot more to come.J_live_in_store_gcs_20



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“Frank Martinez Declares W.A.R.” art show MAR ’14

We_are_rodents_gcs_artshow_19March 15th, 2014. “Frank Declares W.A.R.” art show in our broadway gallery. Our friends We Are Rodents and Frank Martinez compiled a great body of art work for this fun show. Live music and refreshments were enjoyed by all who attended. We_are_rodents_gcs_artshow_22


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Sick Jacken and Big Sleeps signing at GCS Apr 12, 2015

Sick_jacken_big_sleepsApril 12th, 2015. This wasn’t your typical lazy sunday afternoon at GCS santa ana. Today we had the honor of hosting Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm and world famous artist Big Sleeps for an artist signing and exclusive product release. Chosen to be one of two locations for this release, the GCS customer base came out in full force to snatch up the new merch and say what up to the guys. Kenos One came through to do some psychos inspired body art to add to the ambiance. Our doors will always open to Jack and all The Psycho Realm family, we can’t wait to do this again soon.GCS_psycho_realm_signing_dtsa


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“All You Can Eat” art show Apr ’15 art walk

April_art_walk_2015April 4th, 2015. There it goes again. That time of the month that we look forward to and build up to. The first saturday art walk. The goal of this month’s show was to fill the gallery space to the brim with friends, recently made as well as the tried and tested. And it went off without a hitch. We had 3 music performances spaced out throughout the night, we had two artist painting live outside our doors and most of all, we had a great crowd of eager patrons and art fans come out and enjoy some of their night with us. Here is a photo re-cap of the show that will be in our gallery for the rest of the month, enjoy!Travis_allen_raymond_art_painting



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Acid Reign in store during Art Walk Apr 4, 2015

Acid_reign_gcs_art_walkApril 4th, 2015. We were thrilled to have Beond and Gajah a.k.a. Acid Reign join us in our gallery for the last art walk. GCS has known these cats for quite some time and they never cease to amaze. We copped their latest release “Losaka” which they released with Japanese MC Gebo. Make sure to get you copy today!Beond_gcs_art_walk



introducing “One By One” by Joe Ded

Joe_ded_gcs_artApril 4th, 2015. Joe Ded came into town to do a great piece of art for our “All You Can Eat” art show during the art walk. Joe Ded created “One By One” for the whole community to enjoy. Check out the transformation below. Big ups to whoever did the piece before, it ran for some time. before_joe_ded_art


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introducing “Purple People Eater” by Tommy Face

Tommy_face_purple_people_eaterApril 4th, 2015. In conjunction with the “All You Can Eat” art show for April’s art walk, GCS invited Tommy Face to leave his mark in the alley in front of our doors. His latest piece entitled “Purple People Eater” was just what we expected from this talented artist. Check out the transformation of the wall below. A big THANK YOU to DEITY for her awesome piece created for february’s art walk. Much more to come.Tommy_Face_street_art

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The Psycho Realm x Big Sleeps meet and greet

PSYCHO_REALM_Big_sleeps_1GCS is proud to host The Psycho Realm once again in our gallery for a meet and greet and product release. This time, they are joined by the world renown artist Big Sleeps. There will only be two events where you can cop the limited edition tee because once they sell out, they are gone forever. Event scheduled to run from 12 noon to 4pm, Sunday April 12th, 2015. We’ll see you there.PSYCHO_REALM_Big_sleeps

“Everything Went Black” Nov 2011

Black_flag_art_show_1Nov. 5th, 2011. Tim Shelton and Still Life Tattoo curated “Everything Went Black” An artist tribute to Black Flag. This was one of the best attended art shows that GCS had the honor of hosting. The roster of great artists went as follows: Phil Kyle, TURK, Dan Smith, Guen Douglas, Tim Shelton, Mr Sawdust, Tim Hendricks, Benjamin Estrada, Steve Turner, Max Dolberg, Jeff Page, Katja Ramirez, Aaron Coleman, Robert Hendrickson, Greg Rojas, Jon Hall, Nate Banuelos, Brett Vann, Adam Vu, Lindsey Carmichael, Steve Whittenberger, Skinhead Rob, Adam Hathorn, Paul Stottler, Jondix, Jim Sylvia, Dana Helmuth, Kyle Crowell, Adrian Sanchez, HEK, John Cormack, Hanna Sandstrom Barton, Frank Caraccioli, Greg Pugh, Colin Dowling, Tim Forbus, Johnny Vampotna, Derick Montez, Ben Cheese, Greg Cusick, Duane Ballard, Justin Warn, Anotnio ‘SOLGR’ Tovar, Jason Anderson and Christian Nguyen.Everything_went_black_art_show_gcs_9



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“Subterranean Heads” Sept 2011 art walk

Subterranean_heads_2Sept. 3rd, 2011. This art walk brought us “Subterranean Heads” art show. Bringing out street art at its finest, this show was a great collection of people that are making noise.Subterranean_heads_10


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“Against The Grain” presented by I Wuz Here March ’12

I_wuz_here_art_show_cbs_gcs_11March 3rd, 2012. The I Wuz Here curated an art show in our Broadway gallery entitled “Against The Grain”. The show included the works of HASTE, HEX CBS, ADEE, DCYPHER, ESEL, and DEFIE. The art show served as a kind of introduction of the I Wuz Here brand to GCS and it’s customers. It was a hit, GCS was honored to host the CBS artists for the art walk. We hope get them back in here at some point so stay on the look out.I_wuz_here_art_show_cbs_gcs_2


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