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“Everything Went Black” Nov 2011

Black_flag_art_show_1Nov. 5th, 2011. Tim Shelton and Still Life Tattoo curated “Everything Went Black” An artist tribute to Black Flag. This was one of the best attended art shows that GCS had the honor of hosting. The roster of great artists went as follows: Phil Kyle, TURK, Dan Smith, Guen Douglas, Tim Shelton, Mr Sawdust, Tim Hendricks, Benjamin Estrada, Steve Turner, Max Dolberg, Jeff Page, Katja Ramirez, Aaron Coleman, Robert Hendrickson, Greg Rojas, Jon Hall, Nate Banuelos, Brett Vann, Adam Vu, Lindsey Carmichael, Steve Whittenberger, Skinhead Rob, Adam Hathorn, Paul Stottler, Jondix, Jim Sylvia, Dana Helmuth, Kyle Crowell, Adrian Sanchez, HEK, John Cormack, Hanna Sandstrom Barton, Frank Caraccioli, Greg Pugh, Colin Dowling, Tim Forbus, Johnny Vampotna, Derick Montez, Ben Cheese, Greg Cusick, Duane Ballard, Justin Warn, Anotnio ‘SOLGR’ Tovar, Jason Anderson and Christian Nguyen.Everything_went_black_art_show_gcs_9



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“Bringing Out The Dead” Art Show Nov ’12

Bringing_out_the_dead_art_show_gcs_dtsa_16Nov 3rd, 2012. The November art walk was always one of the biggest art walks of the year. Coinciding with the “Noche De Altares” event on 4th st., it was a perfect choice to launch our day of the dead themed art show. GCS always enjoyed the challenge of curating a themed group art show. And this one was one of our favorites. We took a break from the theme this last november but look out for “Bringing Out The Dead” art show to return in ’15.Bringing_out_the_dead_art_show_gcs_dtsa


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“With the Light of Truth” by Dan Smith

Thanks to Jason from To Die For, GCS Santa Ana just received a shipment of Dan Smith’s new art book “With the Light of Truth”. This well printed book is a must have for anyone that collects art books or loves the medium of tattoo art. Withthelightoftruth.tumblr.com describes this book as “a collection of straight edge related tattoos and art and profiles some of the best tattoo artists in the world”. Published by Memento Publishing, this hard cover book contains 248 full color pages with a few blank pages at the end to get those ever so valuable autographs. Dan Smith could have signed it when he was here at our gallery for Tim Shelton’s “Everything Went Black” art show Nov 5th, 2011.

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