The Funky Gallery July 26, 2014 at GCS Pomona

The_funky_gallery_gcs_artshowJuly 26th, 2014. Due to the GCS Clothing store Santa Ana moving, this art show was moved to the GCS in Pomona. Mark Funk curated his first art show which included visual artists as well as MC’s and DJ’s. GCS got to know Mark throughout the years as a good customer, he would always go out of his way to attend our various art shows and in store performances and eventually he became a great friend to the shop. We’ll be on the look out for more events planned by this Mark and his company BFLY. Art work by Mark Funk, JROZ, Jamie Johnson, Jonathan Martinez, Kenos One, 3rdi, Eddie Fowler, Jo A., Joseph Gutierrez a.k.a Sefjo, and Danny Boi. Music performances by Nikko LA, Konami Homi, Hanna, Enimal and DJ Soulone on the cuts.Funky_gallery_gcs_art_show


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The Top to Bottom Tour AUG 2, 2104 GCS Pomona

Top_to_bottom_tour_pawz_gcsAugust 2nd, 2014. Taking place at our original GCS clothing store in Pomona, PAWZ ONE brought an in store event entitled “The Top to Bottom Tour”. Going down right before the 3rd annual “Mind Clouders fest” at The Fox theatre in downtown Pomona, the in store included performances by Mal Practice, Swift Dixshun and Mando the DJ and of course PAWZ ONE.The_top_to_bottom_tour_pawz_one


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Night of the Living Dead pt. 2 feat, NECRO, Madchild and NME

Necro_yost_dtsaOCT. 26, 2014. Blacklisted music group and UGHHblog joined up to produce this year’s Night of the Living Dead show at The Yost theater in Downtown Santa Ana. Hosted by PAWZ ONE, the night included performances by NME featuring Sick Jacken and Madchild. All of which led up to a rare performance by Necro. The show was billed as performing classics, some of which Necro admitted to never have performed live before, so the santanero crowd got a very special show.Necro_blacklisted_yost_hiphop_dtsa_santaana_18


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“Return to Tell the Tale”… a solo art show by 3rdi NOV 1, 2014

3rdi_gcs_dtsa_artshowToday we look at the night GCS clothing store came back from the dead and returned to Downtown Santa Ana. NOV 1st, 2014, in conjunction with the first saturday art walk, GCS opened it’s new doors to the world and hosted the show “Return to Tell the Tale”, a solo art show by Ivan “3rdi” Vega. How fitting it was to have this great artist commemorate our re-grand opening, we have had the honor of showing this guy for a few years now and we had to have him return to GCS and bless the new space and get us going on the right foot.

If you have not looked into this artist by now, well what are you waiting for. Check his site out here and look for more works from 3rdi at GCS in the near future.



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flashback… LTS KOG art show March 6, 2010


Today we take a stroll down memory lane to the time when we hosted LTS KOG art show during the art walk at our Broadway location. As you can see from the photos, it was a packed house.LTS_KOG_gcs_artshow_santaana_dtsa_24


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Army Of The Pharaohs OCT 22, 2014

Army_of_the_pharaohs_santaana_the_observatory_3Another big show that we were excited to see was Army Of The Pharaohs at The Observatory. AOTP was out promoting their new album “Heavy Lies The Crown”, but you know they couldn’t come through without rocking a few classic tracks. The Jedi Mind Trick family was in full force, and the crowd loved it. Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled, Esoteric, Outerspace (Planetary and Crypt the War Child), Reef the Lost Cause and a very special guest Ill Bill turned in a great performance. Jedi Minds, Uncle Howie represent!Vinnie_paz_the_observatory_out_da_house_santa_ana


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YAY AREA FEST II… Too Short AUG 29, 2014

Last but not least, we have a photo recap of Too Short’s set at the Yay Area Fest II. The yay area was definitely well represented at this show.  Anyone who has grown up in cali and listened to hip hop music from the early 80’s until now should be familiar with his music. A true hip hop legend.Too_short_the_observatory_hihop_santaana_gcs_21



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YAY AREA FEST II…. Lil Debbie AUG 29, 2014

So when it gets down to it, we throw on some Lil Debbie when we really want to party. So whether we’re baking a cake or sippin’, her music is definitely on our playlist. Here are some photos of the quick set for the YAY AREA FEST II at The Observatory. Mistah Fab and Too Short photos next….lil_deb_little_debbie_santa_ana_the_observatory_hiphop_1



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SH_RK by Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan_martinez_gcs_streetart_mural_dtsaOne of the benefits of the new location is that we get to curate the art on the electrical box outside our doors. Our plan is to use them as a canvas to showcase the artists that are contained within. 3rdi was the first to renovate the front side of the box but our great friend Jonathan Martinez took over the side facing our front door. Here is a series of shots that show the work in progress. Jonathan_martinez_gcs_streetart_mural_dtsa_1

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GCS All Stars art show, DEC ’14

GCS_all_stars_DTSA_santaanaartwalk_galleryDec. 6th, 2014. GCS clothing store and art gallery presents a little show we like to call GCS All Stars. NO theme, just a show made up of artists that are familiar to our gallery walls. Artists included in this show were Free HumanityNick Macaulay, DES, Jess Johnson, Jordan Yescas, Edgar Zamorano, Marcos Camacho a.k.a Nerd Bird, Andre Sandoval, Steady Jenny, GERMIZM, Dino Perez and the works of Ivan Vega a.k.a 3rdi that were still available from the NOV art show. We’re still getting used to our new space and the crowds are steadily finding us in our new place.GCS_artshow_dtsa_artwalk_dec_gcsallstars_1


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flashback… KRS-ONE at The Observatory 1/15

KRS_theobservatory_santaana“When you want that raw hip hop, you know where to come to..” The first show that the GCS family went to in 2015 was to go see the blast master himself, KRS-ONE with DJ Predator Prime on the cuts. You have to love those $5 wednesday shows at The Observatory. The show was beyond packed, every joint a classic and a couple b-boys and b-girls jumped on stage to do their thing.KRS_ONE_gcs_theobservatory_santaana_dtsa_hiphop_7


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LGCLTV presents ENDZ live at GCS

Endz_gcs_vel_the_wonder_hiphopLGCLTV presents ENDZ live at GCS Santa Ana MARCH 1st, 2015. Join us on a sunday afternoon as ENDZ from Locally Grown Collective joins us to celebrate the release of his album “Live Free”. As special guests for the event, the line up includes Vel The Wonder, Severe, Sage One and a DJ Set by INDJNOUS. It’s an early event, running from 5pm until 8pm. Don’t sleep on this!

SPACESHIP TOUR hits GCS santa ana

Gremlin_gcs_santaana_dtsa_instoreComing MARCH 14, 2015. GCS is proud to announce that the SPACESHIP TOUR will make a stop at GCS santa ana. Headlining the tour is Gremlin with Hands. Also on the tour is Asem Pria and Rock-Oh!.  Looks like the special guests for this show are Modern Day Soulja, Esko, Adon, RX, Vibes and Koncept714. We can’t wait for some great music! As always, the show here is all ages and free. 6 pm until 9pm.

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introducing “Tenoch” by Kimberly Duran…

Kimberlyduran,gcs,santaana,streetart,dtsa_3Kimberly Duran has just revealed her latest masterpiece in our neck of the woods. The piece is titled “Tenoch” which means warrior. A bold image and positive message, this street warrior is bound to do battle with the forces of darkness that haunt DTSA. Make sure to check out her page and see what else she has rocked. GCS and local artists doing our part to make down town santa ana a.k.a. DTSA a more beautiful place. Here are some photos of the work in process.

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“All Our Love 2” art show photo re-cap FEB 7th, 2015

gcs_love_2_IG_2FEB 7th, 2015… GCS was happy to host the second edition of the “All Our Love” art show that takes place during february’s art walk. This specially selected group of artists represented some of what GCS loves and holds most dear. We thank all the artists that were involved in the show as well as the crowds that came in though out the night. Big thanks to Scarub from Living Legends for his in store performance, which we covered in a previous post. DJ’s Real and AB were on the decks all night long. DJ AB had a HUG STATION out in front of the shop for the night promoting peace in the hood. And DEITY and Kimberly Duran finished up their latest pieces steps away from our front door.Allourlove2,artshow,gcs,dtsa,artwalk_1


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$50 and Under Open Art Show JAN 3rd, 2015

GCS,artwalk,fiftyandunder,artistvillage,dtsa,santaanaJAN 3rd, 2015. GCS hosted our annual “$50 and Under” open art show during the january art walk. This year marked the fourth year throwing this art show. We learned early on in the process that the art walks in january have two strikes against them. It comes close to the New Year holiday and after everyone has spent most of their expendable income on Christmas gifts and merrymaking. So we figured the only way to combat that is to open the show to lower priced pieces and try to invite as many artists we can to participate. This show is a great way for our customers and students to have their work hang in our gallery for the first time. And it also allows veteran artists to do a little ‘studio cleaning’ and let some pieces go at a lower rate than usual in order to get them into a new home. At well over 100 art pieces, this was a well attended art show and more than a few pieces found new owners. We are always happy to do this show, it allows us to create new connections and showcase new talent. If you are interested in participating in this or any other art show, stay posted to our Facebook or Instagram accounts for announcements and calls for art. GCS,artwalk,fiftyandunder,artistvillage,dtsa,santaana_1




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Scarub in store FEB 7th, 2015

Scarub,gcs,dtsa,hiphop,santaanahiphopGCS would like to thank Scarub for coming through during the art walk and rocking a great in store performance for those lucky ones that caught the show. In fact, Scarub was the first music performer to bless our Broadway location with an in store performance, so you know that we had to invite him back to begin the new history of the 4th st location. Don’t sleep on his latest endeavour “Want For Nothing” you can purchase the album here.


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introducing… DEITY’s newest gift to Santa Ana.

Deity,gcs,dtsa,santaana,streetartFeb. 7th, 2015. “All Our Love 2” at the gcs clothing store and art gallery. DEITY blessed this wall with her latest creation. We are pleased to bring her out to the DTSA area and we always love to show her work on our gallery walls. She’ll have some new art pieces up all month in our gallery. deity,gcs,santaana,dtsa,artwalk

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