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“Sexy Hangover” by Neko Burke Dec ’12

Neko_burke_gcs_artshow_8Dec. 1st, 2012. GCS was happy to land this high quality art show with Neko Burke entitled “Sext Hangover” This guy is an amazing artist. The very impressive pieces that he brought out for the show combined mixed media paintings, carpentry and wood working. More installations than art pieces, this was the type of art show that raises the bar for future art shows. This guy is prolific, so keep an eye out for this guy.Neko_burke_gcs_artshow_dtsantaana_sexy_hangover


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“All Our Love 2” art show photo re-cap FEB 7th, 2015

gcs_love_2_IG_2FEB 7th, 2015… GCS was happy to host the second edition of the “All Our Love” art show that takes place during february’s art walk. This specially selected group of artists represented some of what GCS loves and holds most dear. We thank all the artists that were involved in the show as well as the crowds that came in though out the night. Big thanks to Scarub from Living Legends for his in store performance, which we covered in a previous post. DJ’s Real and AB were on the decks all night long. DJ AB had a HUG STATION out in front of the shop for the night promoting peace in the hood. And DEITY and Kimberly Duran finished up their latest pieces steps away from our front door.Allourlove2,artshow,gcs,dtsa,artwalk_1


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“All Our Love 2” art show for Feb ’15 art walk


Love is in the air as GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery gets ready for the second installment of “All Our Love” art show. And with a roster of artists like this, whats not to love. We hope that you and your loved ones can join us for ART WALK DTSA feb 7th, 2015. As always, the art show is free and all ages. Music, refreshments and artists will be on hand for the nights festivities. Event starts at 7pm and goes until  11pm. For those that cannot make it out that night, the art will hang for the rest of the month.