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Psycho Realm x Big Sleeps return to GCS Santa Ana 12/12


prsleepDec 12th, 2015- Big Sleeps and The Psycho Realm return to GCS Clothing on Santa Ana for a pre-holiday meet and greet signing and merch sale. They’re offering up to 50% off selected Psycho Realm and Letters to Live By products. The event goes from 11am to 4pm. Don’t miss out.

MADE RINDU solo show update OCT 24th, 2015

maderindubanHere is a up-dated version of the flyer for the OCT 24th solo art show with the amazing MADE RINDU . The opening goes from 6 pm to 10pm and of course its free and all ages. Bring the whole family, music, refreshments and live painting going down here in the gallery. Tons of new pieces for sale at the show. We’ll see you then.madeig

Orange Crush’d Art Show Photo Re-cap



ezrockOCT 3rd, 2015- The Orange Crush’d Art Show came to The GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery for the October Art Walk, 2015. XPLODE CBS curated this show that brought out most of the biggest hitters in OC graff. This was the biggest night at the new GCS Santa Ana location as hundreds of visitors, artists and art buyers and supporters came through to witness the show for themselves. Here is a photo run-down of the night. The show will hang until OCT 23rd, so come by and check it out while you can.

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orangecrushOct 3rd, 2015- Join us at GCS Clothing store and art gallery for the october art walk that will feature a long list of great artists. Curated by XPLODE CBS, the roster of participants : ADGA, AINS, AKIL, APART, ARBE, AURA, AYUDA, BAIR, CHASING PAINT, CZER, CONE, DAME, DAMET, DUEM, DOVE, DREZ, DRIL, EARN, EASYROC, ELUZ, ERGS, EWOK, EYESR, EZO1, FAMINE, FANA, FEARO153, FUEGO, GEEZR, HELP, JERZ, JUST195, KALM, KENOS, KIKO, LASTMAN, LENZE, MEEX, MELK, NEENR, OBY, OLE, ORALE, OWIE, PALM, POPS, POSH, PRAE, ROAST, RYOE, SHUT, SHUX, SIGUE, SKER, SNOTS, SOLUZ, Steady Jenny, SUMET, TEWSR, THOR, TOBESKO, TUNEK, TYKE, UNIC, XILE, XPLODE, YT.

The event is free and all ages. Starts at 6pm and goes until 11pm.

ISREK solo art show at GCS

Untitled-1AUG 15th, 2015- GCS had the pleasure of hosting the washington based artist ISREK for a solo show. Consisting of original ink and paper illustrations and 6 color prints on wood,  this show was a great showcase of his skills as a graff artist, illustrator and representative of his pen control and patience in creating these great pieces. Enjoy.Untitled-2

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Sick Jacken and Big Sleeps signing at GCS Apr 12, 2015

Sick_jacken_big_sleepsApril 12th, 2015. This wasn’t your typical lazy sunday afternoon at GCS santa ana. Today we had the honor of hosting Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm and world famous artist Big Sleeps for an artist signing and exclusive product release. Chosen to be one of two locations for this release, the GCS customer base came out in full force to snatch up the new merch and say what up to the guys. Kenos One came through to do some psychos inspired body art to add to the ambiance. Our doors will always open to Jack and all The Psycho Realm family, we can’t wait to do this again soon.GCS_psycho_realm_signing_dtsa


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The Psycho Realm x Big Sleeps meet and greet

PSYCHO_REALM_Big_sleeps_1GCS is proud to host The Psycho Realm once again in our gallery for a meet and greet and product release. This time, they are joined by the world renown artist Big Sleeps. There will only be two events where you can cop the limited edition tee because once they sell out, they are gone forever. Event scheduled to run from 12 noon to 4pm, Sunday April 12th, 2015. We’ll see you there.PSYCHO_REALM_Big_sleeps

Art Walk JULY ’12

July_art_walk_2012_6July 7th, 2012. From a time before we had a good camera to record all the history. We look back at the art show for the July 2012 art walk. Looks like we had Hippieone, Q-Vo and some of the GOPA gallery crew in the gallery that month. As well as a great grouping of Jamie Johnson’s art work. July_art_walk_2012



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CODAK SMITH art show at GCS Santa Ana MARCH 7, 2015

CODAK_gcs_santa_Ana_art_Walk_1March 7th, 2015. GCS has always strived to bring out the best artists and the best art to Santa Ana. This month, we were proud to host CODAK for a solo art exhibit that included a tee shirt release and mural installation. The dtsa was jumping with the beat swapmeet going on a few steps away from our shop and other various art show and music events scattered throughout the area. If you didn’t know, now you know…. CODAK don’t play. Look out for a lot more from this artist.DTSA_art_walk_gcs

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art walk March ’15 featuring CODAK Smith

codakbannerGCS Santa Ana is very excited about our MARCH 7th, 2015 art show. CODAK Smith will be our featured artist of the month. Its hard to describe the amount of talent this guy has. His work has inspired and intrigued us for some time, and we are thrilled that he can come share his skills with us here in our gallery. You can check out his work here. CODAK will have a solo show here in our gallery, he’ll be signing prints and blackbooks, and we’ll have a new GCS x CODAK tee released to coincide with the event. Stay tuned for more info….




The ‘Cypher Effect’ goes down at GCS Santa Ana


Oct 25, 2013… Well known and industry respected video project named “The Cypher Effect” came out to the GCS in Santa Ana to shoot their latest episode. The project combines hip hop mc’s from different areas into an old school cypher in order to showcase their talent for the wider audience. On this occasion, the shooting of the cypher was open to the lucky people that came to our gallery to witness the show. As ususal, all the acts did amazing work and can be viewed here. The art work in the background is courtesy of artist Haunted Euth, make sure you check out his work.


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artist signing with BUA at GCS Clothing Store Pomona

NOV 9th, 2013 – Pomona, CA

The legendary visual artist Justin Bua, a.k.a. BUA paid the GCS Clothing Store a visit for a signing to coincide with the release of his new painting “The Boom Box”. A true amercian artist, Justin Bua has become one of the most recognizable artist in the world. He has been a part of countless artistic, academic and commercial endevours touching nearly every facet of the hip hop, music and art world. As described on his wiki page:

                his work “is also heavily influenced by Ernie Barnes, the… creator of the “Sugar Shack” painting featured in the opening credits of the television sitcom Good Times (1974–1979) and Marvin Gaye’s album I Want You (1976). The style is recognized for elongated limbs that represent rhythmic movement.”  It continues to describe BUA as “Currently, he teaches figure drawing at the University of Southern California, while continuing to be a leading innovator in both the fine and commercial art worlds. Bua’s energetic and vocal worldwide fan base ranges from former presidents, actors, musicians, professional athletes, and dancers, to street kids and art connoisseurs”.

Coming fully loaded with Prints, Reproductions and Posters of his work, this event was a great chance for some of his most hard core fans to purchase directly from the artist these charished items. Fans, art lovers, musicians, fellow artists and performers alike were on hand for the special appreance. They came in snatching up BUA pieces and snapping pictures as momentos of the night and in appreciation to what Bua’s art means to them.

We look forward to working again with BUA on future events and projects… look out for BUA to come to a GCS near you.


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