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gcsflyerWith everything that happens here at GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery, it’s always a challenge to get the information out to our patrons and supporters in a timely and organized manner. Here are some of the web flyers that we have created recently using Photoshop (a new toy to us, haha). So if you need a flyer, hit us up.. we’ll do it cheap!


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orangecrushOct 3rd, 2015- Join us at GCS Clothing store and art gallery for the october art walk that will feature a long list of great artists. Curated by XPLODE CBS, the roster of participants : ADGA, AINS, AKIL, APART, ARBE, AURA, AYUDA, BAIR, CHASING PAINT, CZER, CONE, DAME, DAMET, DUEM, DOVE, DREZ, DRIL, EARN, EASYROC, ELUZ, ERGS, EWOK, EYESR, EZO1, FAMINE, FANA, FEARO153, FUEGO, GEEZR, HELP, JERZ, JUST195, KALM, KENOS, KIKO, LASTMAN, LENZE, MEEX, MELK, NEENR, OBY, OLE, ORALE, OWIE, PALM, POPS, POSH, PRAE, ROAST, RYOE, SHUT, SHUX, SIGUE, SKER, SNOTS, SOLUZ, Steady Jenny, SUMET, TEWSR, THOR, TOBESKO, TUNEK, TYKE, UNIC, XILE, XPLODE, YT.

The event is free and all ages. Starts at 6pm and goes until 11pm.

Modern Day Soulja Spiritual Warfare In Store SEPT 26

modernSeptember 26, 2015- Join us at GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery on Sept 26 for his “Spiritual Warfare” Album Pre-Release Show. Also performing that night : Anthm, Ralphyc, Yang Sun, Devine, 60 East, Andre Auram, and Mescalito. Come out and suppot underground hip hop. Show starts at 6pm and goes until 10:30pm.. free and all ages!modernda

Back To Basics #4 OCT 10 at The Observatory

B2BIGGCS Clothing Store in Santa Ana has your ticket to the 4th annual Back To Basics Hip Hop festival at The Observatory OCT 10th. Guaranteed to sell out, make sure to get your ticket early. And look out for the GCS Clothing merch booth at the show! Continue reading Back To Basics #4 OCT 10 at The Observatory