ISREK solo art show at GCS

Untitled-1AUG 15th, 2015- GCS had the pleasure of hosting the washington based artist ISREK for a solo show. Consisting of original ink and paper illustrations and 6 color prints on wood,  this show was a great showcase of his skills as a graff artist, illustrator and representative of his pen control and patience in creating these great pieces. Enjoy.Untitled-2

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Ghostface Killah / Out Da House 8 yr anniversary

ghost_ghost_face_theobservatory_gcs_3AUG 19th, 2015- After a quick re-schedule of the event, Ghost Face Killah came through The Observatory for a great wednesday show for $7. Not only did you have a legendary mc from the WU come out backed up by Killah Priest, but it was all for Out Da House’s 8 yr anniversary and DJ Droops’s bday celebration. The main room was packed from elbows to nuts, but Ironman definitely did not disappoint, giving the audience what they came to hear. The following are some photos that we grabbed from the night, enjoy.¬†ghost_face_wu_tang_santa_ana_16



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AUG Art WALK close up shots

raskEvery art show that we have the honor of hosting provides enough material for several posts. From the announcement of the show, to the set up and night of the show, and lastly, the detailed shots of these works of art. Enjoy.alien



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RJD2 at The Observatory AUG ’15

Rjd2_gcs_santa_ana_the_observatory_5AUG 12th, 2015- What more can you ask for? RJD2 show for $7… It cannot get better than that. You have to admit, the OC crowds are getting a great education in music since the observatory has begun to make these shows so affordable and plentiful. Here are some photos that we grabbed last night, enjoy.Rjd2_gcs_santa_ana_the_observatory


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artshow_gcs_aug_2015Aug 1st, 2015- No frills, no gimmicks. Just a good ol’ art show for the first of the month. We would like to thank RASK, XPLODE, Ed Gutter, DARCS, GERMIZM, Susie Cue, Tyoni Aragon, Tanya Rose, VGML, Pablo Damas, Jonathan Martinez, Mary Rose and Brittney Camille Gonzalez for bringing in art and participating in this month’s art walk.

A huge shout out to AWOL ONE and XPLODE for painting live during the event. Thank you to Shadow, DJ Real and a very heart felt thank you from all of us at GCS to DJ AB, for this was his last art walk with us before his move to the state of Washington. God speed, sir.artsh


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