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“All You Can Eat” art show Apr ’15 art walk

April_art_walk_2015April 4th, 2015. There it goes again. That time of the month that we look forward to and build up to. The first saturday art walk. The goal of this month’s show was to fill the gallery space to the brim with friends, recently made as well as the┬átried and tested. And it went off without a hitch. We had 3 music performances spaced out throughout the night, we had two artist painting live outside our doors and most of all, we had a great crowd of eager patrons and art fans come out and enjoy some of their night with us. Here is a photo re-cap of the show that will be in our gallery for the rest of the month, enjoy!Travis_allen_raymond_art_painting



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Jacob Romeo Lecuyer’s “Heads Up” Art Show

Art_show_flyer_dtsantaanaMarch’s featured art show brought out Jacob Romeo’s “Heads Up” art show. Inspired by video game and movie characters, this show was Jabob’s MFA thesis art show. Tons of people came out that night to support and purchase these easy to love renditions of beloved characters. Closing reception will be held on March 29th where the artist boasts “Everything Must Go”. Let’s hope all these great pieces find a nice home.

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