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Let GCS make your next flyer

GCS FlyerGCS is not only one of the best Street wear clothing stores and hip hop graffiti streetart galleries in the world (well, ok not the world but we do our part), but we can help you with pretty much whatever you throw at us. You need a flyer, bam, got you. You need photography work, bam, got  you. You need help writing that great epic movie you have in your head, bam we got you!

Always down to talk… Call, write or just stop by and let’s see where this goes!The Game Santa Ana

Marty's On Newport

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assorted elements…

gcsflyerWith everything that happens here at GCS Clothing Store and Art Gallery, it’s always a challenge to get the information out to our patrons and supporters in a timely and organized manner. Here are some of the web flyers that we have created recently using Photoshop (a new toy to us, haha). So if you need a flyer, hit us up.. we’ll do it cheap!


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