DEC 2019- We come across many great artists, musicians and other creatives here at GCS. They’re all getting it done in their own right, making the world a better place with their efforts. We meet #MYHOODISGOOD team on a Tuesday and by Thursday night, they were leaving a mark on the downtown community. These guys were passing through Santa Ana on their trip from St. Petersburg and after talking with them, GCS helped them secure wall space so they can share their art with us. Located on the Bush St. side of 4th St. Market, their portrait of the native american chief Sitting Bull stands tall, almost taking up the entire side of the building. It was a treat to see them paint. With surgical precision, they got the job done in 2 days and less than 12 cans. I wish more local artists could have seen them at work, it never hurts to watch artists create. Here are a few photos we grabbed while @1m5orry was painting. Stop by and take a look for yourself.

DTSA art

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