Flashback time

Flashback time here at GCS. Random photos that may or may not have been posted on this blog.

before GCS
how our front doors looked before we moved in.
ZANE GCS graffiti
ZANE hitting up GCS
GCS Santa Ana
OG Tic Tac, Baby Tic Tac repping GCS

GCS Clothing
I guess someone wanted to take my photo.
Beat Swapmeet Hip hop Santa ana
DJ Dante DJ Omar God Combat Ready Dj’s at GCS
DIGITAL graff Santa Ana
DIGITAL graffiti during Beat Swapmeet
ROSSO Santa Ana
Rosso Graff
PAWZ ONE hip hop
Spliff Hemingway hip hop GCS
Spliff Hemingway at GCS
GCS Art Walk
ENKIDU painting outside GCS
DJ Diamond Smallz
DJ Diamond Smallz at GCS
Spliff Hemingway hip hop
Spliff Hemingway at GCS Dec ’17
hip hop santa ana
in store performances at GCS
GCS Clothing Store
The front door of GCS Clothing Store Santa Ana
GCS Streetwear Santa Ana
Inside GCS Clothing Store Santa Ana
Christmas in Santa Ana
Panchito rockin out at GCS
KOED and Roshawn GCS
graff Santa Ana
DIGITAL graff art during Beat Swapmeet Dec ’17

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