January’s $50 and Under Art Show

Everyone knows that we are catching up on loose ends. This blog post takes us back to the 1st art show of the year. “$50 and Under Art Show” went down January 7th, 2012 and it was our first completely open art show. Open art show you say, what is that? We’ll it was the first time that we accepted art work sight unseen as long as it fulfilled certain criteria. 1) The piece had to be an original 2) The piece had to be ready to hang and 3) it had to be priced $50 and under. Simple enough. And the response was excellent. We had over 140 original pieces from veteran GCS artists as well as those neighborhood cats that hadn’t had a chance to get up on these walls. Judging from the response we got, a second $50 and under art show should be in the works soon. Maybe we’ll top 200 pieces.

Special thanks to DCaster/taco comics/ Dave Castro for doing a live painting session in the front windows and then raffling off the piece at the end of the night. As always, Moe Man and Big Wiz were on the one’s and two’s. Thanks also to everyone that came out to the show. Here are some pictures if some of the lucky art buyers that got to take some beauty home with them.


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Subterranean Heads 2

February’s art walk brought us “Subterrenean Heads 2” art show.  Curated with the help of 455er, this show brought out the likes of Mear One, Splat , YT, Jelly Bones, Biafra Art, Akil, Just195, Egads, ATGL Earl, Ebenholtz among others… This was the second part to the subterrenean heads series which focuses on street art and the creatures of the night.  Talk about stickers, this show brought out the sticker lover in everyone. Highlights of the show included Mear One’s huge limited edition art prints, a spoken word performance by Mike the Poet, and some bay area newstands loaded with hard to find tags and stickers that made their way down here courtesy of Splat.

Special thanks to the artists and friends that brought out thier great art work for the show. And most of all, to the art fans and customers that made the night a great success. You know we doing this again!!!..


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Tools of the Trade Art Show

Street Life and GCS present the second night of “The Tools of the Trade”. An art show dedicated to the exhibition of spray cans.

Saturday Feb. 18, 2012 @ 6pm!

This show will feature the works of:
Astro, BOM, Brisk, Chale, Chor Boogie, Dan Doubleyou, DYSE ONE, DUCO, DAME, Derma, Evolve, Ekue, Fade Hurricane, GLORY, Mario Garcia, HASLER, Hundo, Jes42, Jesse Day, Kyle Ibanez, Mugs, The Milt, MENSO, Nate Banuelos, Nyser, Obie Mejia, PYRO One, PUBES, Pyke, PACER, RISKY, Roman Harvey, Severe, Slob, SUNE, SURE, Seis, SLAY One, Style, Ruben Saenz, ST. Kreations, SOBER, Tango, TAWL, Threaski, Victor Flores, Mr Wells, ZANE Money, and more artist’s to be announced.

There will be a VERY special Paint Raffle held during the show. Stay posted for Rules and details for the raffle.

All going down at the GCS in Pomona on Saturday Feb. 18, 2012 @ 6pm!

168 w 3rd st pomona ca 909 620 2772

This will be the second leg of the “Tools of the Trade” art show. The first show was held at Zane’ Streetlife Clothing Store in Econdido. Here’s a video…

Subterranean Heads 2 art show

GCS and 455er is once again proud to present “Subterranean Heads 2”. An art show that explores graffitti and street art and the subterranean entities that work everyday on filling that underground space. 1st Saturday art walk always brings out droves of art lovers and with a roster that includes some of the most subterranean of heads, no one should miss this show. The first Subterranean Heads show back in August 2011 was a great success and this one should hit as well. There will also be a spoken word performance by Mike the Poet. Here is an article that describes him if you don’t know him yet.

1st B-boy Jam at GCS Santa Ana

Jan.16th 2010 brought us our first b boy event. “Got Skillz” was a one on one b-boy and pop lock battle held with the cooperation of Funnybonez / Soul 2 Soul crew.

Special thanks to Burst Rock, DJ Caveman, and all who came out and participated.

On a side note, this is where we need your help. Hit us up with names of those participants so we can include you on the historical roaster (Elton, co-b-boy champ, what’s your stage name?). Overall, a great start to an event that will be with us as long as we are here in Santa Ana!



Free Show!

This Sunday on December 18 the GCS in Pomona is hosting a free in-store performance with 6Blocc, 2Mex, Girl on Girl, Dj Dope-E, Dumbsteppaz, MC Gilead 7, and DJ Wizard! For the first time ever 2Mex and 6Blocc will be performing together! Event starts at 6pm sharp, they both have shows afterwards but this one’s free! (update, show went well.. 6Block x 2Mex didn’t happen though).

GCS Pomona
168 W. 3rd St.
Pomona, CA 91766


“With the Light of Truth” by Dan Smith

Thanks to Jason from To Die For, GCS Santa Ana just received a shipment of Dan Smith’s new art book “With the Light of Truth”. This well printed book is a must have for anyone that collects art books or loves the medium of tattoo art. Withthelightoftruth.tumblr.com describes this book as “a collection of straight edge related tattoos and art and profiles some of the best tattoo artists in the world”. Published by Memento Publishing, this hard cover book contains 248 full color pages with a few blank pages at the end to get those ever so valuable autographs. Dan Smith could have signed it when he was here at our gallery for Tim Shelton’s “Everything Went Black” art show Nov 5th, 2011.

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“Within the Core” Art Show

aseph,withinthecore,art,dtsa,gcs,santaanaDecember’s art show brought us Aspeh’s “Within the Core”. This is the third or fourth time that we have had the pleasure of hosting Aseph in our gallery. The crowds were great as usual despite the cold weather. 3rdI, APE, Hurl, and Irene Garcia also displayed newly created pieces in support of the show. The show was predominated by original acrylic paintings, punctuated by Aspeh’s huge centerpiece created on digital media. For more info on Aseph, check out his site www.aspehone.com. Special thanks to Elvis Williams a.k.a. DJ REAL for the great tunes all night long.

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